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Council Election 2020

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Meet the Candidates

At the close of nominations three valid nominations have been received for two positions and accordingly a ballot will be held.  The following details have been supplied by the candidates:


Nominated by Cameron Farrell and Joshua Schwager

Khan Owen Horne (88-91) is currently on Council and seeks re-election. He is current Chair of Finance & Risk Committee and whilst attending John’s gaining B.AgEc and during this time was on House Committee (90/91) as Inter Col rep and represented Johns in rugby swimming and athletics. Khan sees the sport at college as a high priority in creating an environment for greater success.
Khan has been employed by NAB Ltd since graduating and currently leads the NSW Regional & Agribusiness team. Khan is an active alumni through the Johnsmen’s Association and as volunteer on the Laffo’s Long Lunch – the college’s leading fundraiser and a major event in the alumni calendar.
Through the various lenses – Alumni / Council Member / and parent of recent/current students the key focus to include

  • Strong governance and oversight of college – financial, strategic and operational
  • Australia’s oldest and leading Catholic college that attracts high numbers of Catholic applicants – strong enrolments equals a strong college including connectivity with alumni
  • Strong balance sheet and sustainable business model to fund what a college/students of the future require plus respect for the tradition/heritage college
  • Strong engagement with alumni from fund raising for sporting scholarships to alumni/student engagement for future life opportunities
  • Johns is an independent Catholic College – within the grounds of The University of Sydney – independence is crucial


Nominated by Paul Dellow and Kyle Oliver

My name is Gerard Phillips. I am a current  Council member and I once again seek the support of the alumni and fellows to continue the work we started last year. I  have Bachelors and Masters degrees in law and was in private legal practice for over 30 years before being appointed as a District Court Judge. I went to Johns 1983-85 as did my brother Jeff and daughter Miranda. I have a real and abiding interest in Johns being the very best place we can make it for students. Before the last election I and a number of other alumni ensured that the new Act of Parliament did not disenfranchise the alumni. We succeeded in protecting John’s independence which was indeed under serious threat.   Since becoming a Council member I and others have sought to involve alumni in College life – I chair the Alumni and Advancement Committee which has alumni representatives and thus their input.  However there is much work to do to get the College to where it needs to be and a big part of that will involve re-engaging with our alumni community.  We want to celebrate the achievements of our alumni, thus honoring them and the College. Steps are in place to progress this task.  I ask for your support so that I can continue what I and other Council members started last year.


Nominated by James Etherington and Tim Stanley

St John’s has a unique role as the only Catholic and co-educational residential college within the University of Sydney. St John’s strength is that it provides an inclusive, challenge-rich, horizon-expanding, on-campus experience. While making life-long friends from all walks of life, St John’s students draw on both tradition and diversity to form the skills to successfully navigate their future and help shape Australian society as leaders.

With this modern and inclusive vision for St John’s I respectfully request your vote.

I’m currently Director-General of IP Australia, with a successful career across the Federal Government.  I spent three years as a diplomat in Washington DC cultivating Australia’s education and science interests in the US and Canada. linkedin.com/in/schwags

I am committed to delivering a successful future for John’s, including

  • a visionary strategic plan built on positive relationships with students, alumni, and the University,
  • ensuring the financial security for the college to meet its future needs, and
  • developing each student to their fullest potential, making a positive contribution to society, with respect and dignity for all.

From country NSW, my years at John’s (1986-88, BEc) allowed me to see first-hand its power to change people’s lives for good, open their minds, broaden their experiences, and develop lifelong friendships. My children, Eleanor (Johns 2016-18), and Darcy (current student) have also been beneficiaries of that experience.

I nominate for Council as a successful product of John’s past, a committed supporter of its present and a passionate advocate for its vibrant future.


Eligibility to Vote

An election for two Members of the St John’s College Council will be held in 2020 in accordance with the procedures stipulated in the St John’s College (Election) By-law The election will be conducted by Corpvote Pty Ltd.

The following persons are eligible to vote:

      • a person who is a member or former member of the Council;
      • a person who is a graduate of the University of Sydney and has resided on the premises of the College for at least one academic year.

If you were eligible to vote at the last election (held in 2018) and your contact details have changed, please update your contact details by submitting the form below.

If you have become eligible to vote since 2018, the College will contact you at the email address we have for you.  If you wish to update your contact details, please use the form below.


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