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COVID-19 Updates

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As you will be aware, the NSW Government has enacted a stringent set of public health regulations in response to an outbreak of COVID-19 infections in the Greater Sydney area.  The government restrictions currently in force (collectively referred to as “lockdown”) are expressed to operate until 12.01am on Saturday 29 August 2021.

The following rules for St John’s College are designed to promote the safety of the College’s students and staff of in accordance with prudent risk management and public health advice.  In some respects they give effect to legally mandated restrictions under the Public Health Orders (PHO).  The provisions have been developed after extensive consideration involving both College staff and the student leadership team.

COVID-19 Vaccination

The College encourages students to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in accordance with public health advice and GP consultation as appropriate.  Visit for more information.

All St John’s students in 2022 will need to show evidence of full vaccination against COVID-19 with a vaccine approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), unless the student has medical contraindication to all approved vaccines certified by a medical practitioner.  There are three vaccines currently approved by TGA:  Cominarty (Pfizer); Vaxrevia (AstraZeneca); Spikevax (Moderna).

Legal applicable rules

It is your responsibility to be informed about the PHO rules which apply to you, and to follow them.  Visit for information.

College rules

These rules are enacted under the Rector’s powers of management and have binding force on students and staff.  They may be varied at any time in response to changed conditions or health advice.

Given the uncertainty as to the progress of the public health situation and duration of the PHOs, the following rules will remain in force until further notice.  As public health restrictions are relaxed and when it is safe to do so, the rules will be reviewed.

  1. Visitors are not permitted to enter College buildings or grounds (this is a PHO rule).
  2. For students who are living in the College, the College is their “place of residence”. Under the PHO you may not be away from your place of residence without reasonable excuse. There is a defined list of “reasonable excuses”. Attending your family home is not one of them, and so it follows that the PHO prohibits you from returning to your family home if you are residing in the College.
  3. Under the PHO you may only leave the College for purposes of work if it is not reasonably practicable to work at your place of residence. If you are attending a place of work outside College, you must notify Student Life Team and provide required information including the name and address of your employer and times of work. SLT will email all students about this requirement separately.
  4. If you are leaving College to attend a required university class or practicum, you must notify Student Life Team and provide required information including details of the class or practicum. SLT will email all students about this requirement separately.
  5. Within the College buildings you must:
    (a) wear a mask when indoors and out of your Zone, including in all common areas;
    (b) observe the notified capacity limits in common areas;
    (c) observe the required procedures in Hall, including following any direction which may be given by Chartwells staff;
  6. No more than three persons may be in a bedroom at any time.
  7. The gym may only be used in accordance with the booking system.
  8. There will be no Student Club functions or social events during the lockdown period.
  9. No private parties may be held, defined to mean a social event attended by more than five persons (General Regulation clause 28).
Other matters

Return to College protocol

Students returning to College must do so in accordance with the Protocol which has previously been notified, including registration, negative Covid test and check-in procedure.

Self-isolation arrangements

Colleges have been working with the University in relation to the availability of backup isolation accommodation to manage the risk associated with the identification of positive cases and contacts requiring isolation.  If isolation units are required beyond that available within the College itself, further units should be available through the University.

Formal Dinners and Mass

Formal Dinners and weekly Mass will not be held during the lockdown period.


authorised by:

Adrian Diethelm, Rector

4 August 2021