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St John’s College – COVID-19 Updates

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A message from the Rector to all students in the College – 20 August 2020

Dear Students,

First of all I would like to extend a very warm welcome back for semester 2 to 206 returning students, and a very warm welcome to 9 new students.  We have every prospect of having a safe, happy and productive semester as we adjust the College’s usual way of doing things to the exigencies of the public health situation.

I want to pay tribute to the efforts of staff and student leaders over the last several months which have made it possible to re-open the College and plan for the time we have together until the 14th December this year.  In particular the House Executive and Sub-Deans have gone above and beyond in the determination, good sense and attention to detail which they have devoted to all areas within their respective remits.

I’m very pleased to announce several new appointments for semester 2:

Associate Dean (Academic) – William Chan

The new role of Associate Dean (Academic), with responsibility for the Tutorial Program and Academic Mentoring, is being filled by Will Chan.  Third years already know Will who was a Resident Tutor here in 2018.  An architect by profession, Will received the University Medal and Convocation Medal on graduating in Architecture from Sydney and has the higher degree of Dottore Magistrale cum laude from the Politecnico di Milano in Italy.  He is a researcher at Columbia University’s Center for Sustainable Urban Development and has extensive international experience and awards.

Will is working at John’s two days per week, Mondays and Wednesdays,

Sub-Dean – Charlotte Beatty

College is appointing a third Sub-Dean for sem 2 and I’m grateful that Charlotte has agreed to take on this important role: her experience as RA in sem 1 will stand her in good stead. Tommy and Mira continue as Sub-Deans and I also want to say thank you to them for all their work in these uncertain times.  Charlotte is located on Top Corridor.

Corridor Representative – Niruth Bogahawatta

I’m also delighted to announce that Niruth will be CR on Polding 4 – he’s located in the Tutor’s flat, room 450.

Finally, College’s full-time Student Life staff consisting of Tony, Synthia and Imani will continue to be available throughout the semester for your inquiries or concerns about any aspects of College life.

Wishing all our students the very best for the time ahead,

Adrian Diethelm
Rector (Head of College), St John’s College within the University of Sydney

A message from Student Life team to all students in the College – 6 August 2020

Dear Students,

We’re excited to welcome you back to College for Semester 2.

Please note the following new arrangements in line with COVID Safe protocols.

  1. College General Reception, for anyone other than current students, is now located in the Plunkett Building.  The counter in Hintze Foyer is for Student Services for current students only.
  2. For Move-in purposes, students checking-in will enter via Hintze glass doors from Missenden Road.
  3. Indoor spaces in the College have a maximum of number of allowable students according to the 4 square metre rule. For example, student bedrooms are limited to 2 residents at a time.
  4. The College is closed to non-residents (counting Affiliates as residents for this purpose).  Visitors for students are not permitted to enter the College.
  5. Other than for check-in during the check-in period, the Hintze glass doors from Missenden Road will be permanently locked from now on.  Hintze access will be from Quad-side only.
  6. Student Services is now open from 8:00am – 4:00pm (closed for lunch).
    RA shifts have changed to reflect these times. RAs recommenced duties Wednesday 5 August.
  7. The College no longer accepts packages on behalf of students.
    The new arrangements are for students to set up a MyPost account and collect these from the Missenden Road post office next to 7-Eleven. Instructions on how to set up a MyPost account is attached and packages can be collected anytime, Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. The College will continue to collect standard mail.
  8. Dining Hall arrangements effective Monday 10 August.
    Breakfast:  6:30am – 9:00am
    Lunch: 11:45am – 2:00pm
    Dinner: 5:30pm – 7:45pm
  9. Dining Hall Capacity: 72 students only
    Once the Hall capacity of 72 has been reached you can choose to either have your meal packed with disposable takeaway, or take your plate and cutlery out to the quad, or wait until the next seat is available. We will have a clearing station setup in the BBQ area for clearing. From the point of capacity, we will operate a one-in, one-out system.
  10. Entering and Exiting the Dining Hall: One-Way System
    The Hall is operating on a one-way system. The designated entrance for entering the Hall is via the Antechapel: please queue outside that door until you are cleared to come in by a staff member. The designated exit is the Quad facing door. This door will not be accessible from the outside and will remain closed during the meal service.
  11. Late Meals
    Late dinners will still be available for pickup on weekdays. To organise a late dinner, please submit your request via the student portal by 2:00pm daily. Late meals can be picked up from the door underneath the Quad stairs next to the BBQ area – just press the bell.
  12. Flu vaccination
    Lastly, a reminder to have your flu vaccination before your arrival and check-in at college.

Kind regards,

The Student Life team

We’re back. Semester 2 2020 is on. – 16 June 2020

We are delighted to announce that the College will be open for Semester 2 2020, commencing Monday 17 August and concluding on Monday 14 December in line with the University of Sydney semester 2 lectures commencing Monday 24 August.

We look forward to welcoming our new and returning students to the College for a great second half of 2020.

Move-in arrangements have already been communicated to retuning students and will be shared with new students upon confirmation of their admission in semester 2. The COVID-19 health crisis has necessitated new procedures regarding safely moving a large number of students into College in a relatively short space of time, therefore students will be moving-in to College for semester 2 over a seven day period between 10 – 17 August. Students requiring accommodation prior to that date for the purposes of study or employment during Winter Vacation will be moving-in to College on an individual basis as arranged. Full catering will commence on 13 July.

When moving in, students will be required to show evidence of having had a 2020 influenza vaccination, to have downloaded the COVIDSafe app, to sign a Health Questionnaire & Declaration and have their temperature tested upon arrival at the College.

As a prerequisite to confirmation of enrolment in semester 2 students will agree to take reasonable measures to safeguard their own health in accordance with public health advice and guidelines. If they experience any symptoms associated with COVD-19 they will immediately notify a member of the College’s Pastoral Team and comply with any directions by College authorities. Furthermore they will observe all measures put in place by the College to safeguard the health of members of the College community. These measures are likely to include restrictions on the use of areas of the College and changed arrangements for the provision of meals.

We regret that in order to reduce the risk of infection being brought into the College, students will not be permitted to invite visitors into the College during Winter Vacation or semester 2 2020. We look forward to the time when we can welcome members of the wider College community back to John’s and will keep you updated as the semester progresses.

With best wishes,

Adrian Diethelm