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Being a part of the St John’s College community does not finish at the end of residence but continues through a life-long association. Not only do alumni of the College retain the friends they make during their residence they join a wide circle of people allowing them to develop strong professional and social networks. Whether contact is maintained through reunions, receiving College news via emails and the website, mentoring opportunities, or through giving to the College. All St John’s College alumni are encouraged to retain a strong link to their alma mater.

Within the College the main point of contact for alumni is through the Community Relations Office, which works to maintain contact with alumni, develop relationships, communicate with the St John’s community, manage planning and co-ordination of events such as reunions and fundraising initiatives as well as maintain the accuracy and currency of the College alumni records.

Correct contact details allow us to invite alumni to reunions and functions and ensures receipt of College communications such as newsletters and the Annual Review.

To update your contact details please email the Community Relations team at with your full name, fresher year, best email contact and any other details you wish to update.

The Johnsmen’s Association is the alumni organisation of St John’s College. Formally established in 1952 (although in existence since 1891), it organises reunions and events for former students, raises money for College scholarships and supports initiatives of the current students.

The Association’s major event, the Annual Dinner, is always well-attended and a great opportunity for alumni to catch up in the College environs. You can contact the Association at  The current executive are: Mr Paul Dellow (President, SJC 2005), Mr Nathan Quigley (Secretary, SJC 2003) and Mr Chris Callen (Treasurer, SJC 1979).