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We are delighted to announce the launch of a dedicated online portal for all Alumni of the College and look forward to seeing it ‘come to life’ with your presence.

Alumni are an integral and valued part of St John’s College. The enduring legacy of our students evident across Australian and international arenas is a source of great pride to the whole College community.

Continuing the proud tradition of our Alumni community flourishing well after graduation, the St John’s College Alumni platform helps you tap into this community with the click of a button. Tailor made for you to contact old College friends, find yourself in our range of College photos, keep abreast of relevant College news and network with other Alumni in your area of the world or in your line of business. You can also submit your own photos or news, create your own special interest clubs or volunteer to be an academic mentor.

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If you have any questions, please contact Sanchia Osborn Associate Director, Philanthropy, at

The Johnsmen’s Association is an alumni organisation for former students of St John’s.  Formally established in 1952 (although in existence since 1891), it organises reunions and events for former students, raises money for College scholarships and supports initiatives of the current students. The Association’s major event, the Annual Dinner, is always well-attended and a great opportunity for alumni to catch up in the College environs. You can contact the Association at

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