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Fees and Financial Assistance

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The vibrant St John’s College community offers outstanding services and facilities.

What’s included:
    • Each room is single occupancy with a minimum size King Single bed, desk and chair, either an en-suite bathroom or a shared bathroom on the corridor
    • Academic support with a comprehensive Tutorial Program
    • 24 hour onsite pastoral care
    • Three meals a day, seven days a week
    • Inclusion in special College events, such as the University Honours Dinner, Archbishop’s Dinner and Formal Dinner on Monday and Wednesday evenings.
    • College jersey and academic gown
    • Unlimited wifi throughout the College
    • Weekly room cleaning
    • Opportunity to participate and compete in intercollege sporting and cultural programs
  • Membership of the Sydney University Sport and Fitness
  • Chapel
  • Onsite sporting facilities including gym, tennis court and oval
  • Onsite laundry facility

The College academic year runs from Sunday 18 February – Monday 25 November 2024 – a total of 40 weeks (2 x 20 week semesters which include the mid-year break).

2024 Resident Student Fees

2024 Affiliate Student Fees

Scholarships and Bursaries

St John’s is committed to providing opportunities for assistance with costs associated with living at the College. Various scholarships and bursaries, with a total value over $500,000, are awarded at the discretion of the College, to commencing and returning students.

Scholarships and Bursaries range in amounts and are attributed to College fees. Scholarships are awarded to students primarily based on high academic achievement or outstanding abilities, with financial circumstances taken into account. Bursaries are awarded to students who are Australian citizens, primarily based on financial need, and are offered on the condition that other means of financial support have been explored and exhausted.

As part of your application for a 2025 Scholarship or Bursary, you will be requested to upload the following documents.

    • End of school result (ATAR, or equivalent)
    • University transcript or published work if applicable
    • Student income details
    • Parent tax returns and Income Tax Assessments from FY22/23 and FY23/24

2025 Scholarships and Bursaries Information

2025 Scholarship Application

Applicants will be considered for all Scholarships and Bursaries for which they are eligible and will be notified of the result of their application on or before 30 January 2025.


  • The Watson Scholarship in Medicine is offered to a student who is an Australian citizen undertaking the Doctor of Medicine program. The Scholarship may be held for up to 4 years while the student is enrolled in the MD program subject to satisfactory academic progression.


  • Four full scholarships are available for indigenous students studying for undergraduate or postgraduate qualifications. Scholarships may be held for up to 4 years while the student remains enrolled in the qualification program for which the Scholarship was granted, subject to satisfactory academic progression:

The Harvey – Gadigal Scholarship is funded as to half from the College’s Harvey Fund and half from a University of Sydney grant.

St John’s – Gadigal Scholarships are funded as to half from College funds and half from a University of Sydney grant. 


  • The Matt Laffan Disability Scholarship covers full College fees for a student with a long-term physical disability. In awarding the scholarship consideration shall be given to the severity of the disability and whether the disability materially affects mobility and independence. A face to face interview forms part of the scholarship selection process. 


  • Sir Earle Page Memorial Trust Scholarship is offered to a student in their first year of an undergraduate qualification at the University of Sydney and resident at St John’s College, an Australian citizen, actively engaged in sporting pursuits, whose home address is outside the Sydney metropolitan area. A face to face interview forms part of the selection process.
  • Playoust Music Scholarship is offered to a student within the Faculty of Music, who will contribute to musical Life at College.
  • Richards Scholarship is a awarded to a second year or above resident student who is studying an undergraduate degree within the faculty of Medicine or Science.
  • Thomas Keenan Scholarship is offered to a student within the Faculty of Science or Engineering
  • Dwyer Scholarship is offered to a Catholic student who would not otherwise be able to reside at the College


  • The St John’s College Scholarships are general scholarships awarded to commencing or current resident students of St John’s College. Minimum ATAR required for commencing students is 97.00, or equivalent. Minimum SAM/AAM for current students is 75.00.


Frequently Asked Questions FAQs
Am I eligible for financial assistance?

Financial assistance applications are means tested and ranked against all other applicants. The College reserves the right to decline financial assistance where the College determines students have a reasonable ability to pay. Financial assistance is awarded as a credit against College fees each semester.

What do I need to include when applying for financial assistance?

Supporting documentation will need to be included with your application to demonstrate your need. This can include:

Tax return records and Income Tax Assessments for you and your parents for the past two years
Evidence of academic achievement including transcripts of academic results.

When is the best time to apply for assistance?

We recommend applying at the same time as you apply for a place at College. Some of the supporting documentation required for the financial assistance application is included in your application for a place at the College.

Can I earn money at College?

St John’s College offers approximately 20 employment positions to students, from the beginning of their second year at College.