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Vision and Mission

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St John’s College is a Catholic community whose members are inspired by high ideals of intellectual excellence, faithful Christian living and witness, and service to society.


St John’s welcomes diversity amongst its students and staff, recognising that contributions to the College’s Mission can be made by individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. The mission of the College is to contribute to Catholic intellectual life in Australia and beyond by:

  • helping to prepare the next generation of Catholic leaders;
  • affirming the mutual relationship between human reason and Christian faith;
  • providing material, spiritual and pastoral support to students;
  • providing opportunities for higher education to people who are less advantaged;
  • engaging with issues of significance to local and global communities.


The College affirms its commitment to the following values:

  • the values inherent in the Gospel and Christian faith;
  • high academic standards and intellectual rigour;
  • high standards of ethical behaviour and social responsibility;
  • the importance of critical and open inquiry;
  • service to other people motivated by our common humanity;
  • tolerance, honesty and respect as the hallmarks of relationships throughout the College community.