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The SJC Difference

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St John’s College offers a unique and vibrant university experience.

Situated within the University of Sydney, St John’s is a co-ed residential College which nurtures the personal well-being and academic achievement.

As a resident of St John’s you are part of a close-knit and supportive cohort of students enriched by a collegial and socially diverse community. Our students come from all over Australia and overseas so wherever you are from you will have the opportunity to meet people with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences.

Committed to academic excellence, St John’s College provides a variety of opportunities to learn in both structured and informal environments. With the largest tutorial program of all the University of Sydney colleges and a resident Academic Dean, St John’s College can help you with any difficulties you might face with your studies, communicating with the University, study skills and future career.

Of equal importance are the informal occasions, such as the opportunity to form diverse networks with your peers, to meet leaders from a range of academic fields at one of the College’s many events and to become part of an alumni body that has made a rich and diverse contribution to society.

You will leave St John’s College with the skills and knowledge needed to serve you for a rewarding, connected and fruitful career.