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Mission, Vision and Culture

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St John’s College is a Catholic university college which enables young men and women to immerse themselves in university life through:
• a welcoming residential environment for students from different backgrounds;
• an experience of community living with social, sporting, religious and cultural opportunities;
• assistance to foster academic achievement;
• an opportunity to engage with the Catholic faith and its intellectual tradition;
• supportive pastoral care;
• formation in leadership through service to others.


Students will leave the College:
• ready to embrace life’s challenges,
• having made life-long friends,
• as committed and engaged St John’s alumni, and
• wanting to contribute to the Catholic and broader communities.



St John’s culture is committed to:
• participation of all St John’s students in the communal life of the College;
• high academic standards, critical and open inquiry, intellectual rigour;
• the compatibility of intellectual inquiry with the Christian Gospel;
• high standards of ethical behaviour and social responsibility;
• service to those less advantaged;
• respect, honesty and charity.