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Governance & Documents

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Statute of Incorporation

The College is constituted by a statute of the New South Wales Parliament, the Saint John’s College Act 2018. The Act, which commenced on 2 July 2018, repeals and replaces the Saint John’s College Act 1857, under which the College was incorporated on 2 July 1858.

The Act provides for the College to be governed by a Council of 13 Members comprising:

[a] the Rector,
[b] 3 members appointed by the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney,
[c] 4 elected members,
[d] one member appointed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sydney,
[e] 4 members appointed by the Council.

Council committees and groups

Advancement & Alumni Committee (AAC)
Finance & Risk Committee (FRC)
Nominations & Remuneration Committee (NRC)
Student Relations Committee (SRC)
Building & Works Advisory Group (B&W)

Council Members (June 2021)

Dr Mark Schembri MD BVSc BSc(vet) Hons (1) (Syd) MPH (Harv) MACVS MRCVS CertWH
[a] Rector from July 2022.  Ex officio member, all committees.

Mr John Coorey BA LLB (Syd)
[c] Council since Nov 2018. Chair NRC. Ex officio member, all committees.
Partner, Sparke Helmore Lawyers. SJC student 1981-1983.

Mr David Pacey BBus (CSU)
[e] Council since Oct 2017. Ex officio member, all committees.
Secretary to Senate, University of Sydney.


Mr Matthew Gordon BE LLB (Syd)
[e] Council since April 2013. Chair B&W. Member, FRC, NRC.
Principal, Gordon Construction Company Pty Ltd. SJC student 1982-1985.

Mr Khan Horne BAgEc (Syd), MEc (UNE)
[c] Council since Nov 2015. Chair, FRC.
State Business Banking Executive, National Australia Bank Ltd. SJC student 1988-1991.

Most Rev Dr Richard Umbers DD VG EV PP BEc (Syd), MMgt (Waikato)
[b] Council since March 2017.
Auxiliary Bishop, Archdiocese of Sydney.

Judge Gerard Phillips LLB LLM (Syd)
[c] Council since Nov 2018. Chair, AAC.
President, Personal Injury Commission of New South Wales. SJC student 1983-1985.

Ms Alexandra Winter-Irving BEd (Syd), MBA (UTS)
[c] Council since Nov 2018. Chair, SRC.
Customer Lead, Product Transformation, Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd. SJC student 2006-2008.

Sr Mary Julian Ekman RSM BA (Syd) PhL PhD (Cath Univ America)
[b] Council since Dec 2020.
Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Notre Dame Australia.

Rev Richard Waddell BA LLB (Syd), BD TheolM (MCD), JCL (Gregorian)
[b] Council since Dec 2020.
Administrator, Parish of St Augustine of Hippo, Balmain and Parish of St Joseph, Rozelle.

Emeritus Professor Marea Nicholson AM BA (Macq), MEd PhD (Syd)
[e] Council since April 2021. Member, SRC.
Formerly Professor of Education and Associate Vice-Chancellor, Australian Catholic University.

Mr Phillip Towzell BEc (Syd)
[e] Council since April 2021. Member, FRC.
Managing Partner, Queenscliff Partners LP.  SJC student 1986-1987.

By-laws and Council Charter

The following by-laws have been made by the Council under section 18 of the Act:

St John’s College By-law 2018 (amended 11 November 2021)

St John’s College (Election) By-law 2018 (amended 20 August 2020)

St John’s College (Scholarships, Bursaries and Prizes) By-law 2019 (current as at 30 May 2019)

St John’s College (Matt Laffan Disability Scholarship) By-law 2019 (current as at 11 September 2019)

St John’s College (Dick and Jenny Laffan Scholarship) By-law 2020 (as made 20 November 2020)


Council has adopted a Charter which sets out obligations of Council Members and regulates Council proceedings:  Council Charter (amended 11 November 2021).

Council has also approved a short statement on Role and Responsibilities of Council Members, and a Skills Matrix and List of Attributes.

Regulations and policies

Student Contract 2022 (current as at 1 November 2021)

General Regulation (current as at 1 November 2021)

Student Code of Conduct Regulation (current as at 1 November 2021)

SJC Student Complaints Procedure (current as at 1 November 2021)

SJC Student Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Harassment Policy (current as at 1 November 2021)

Privacy Policy (current as at 1 November 2021)

Governance Documents

Financial Report 2020

Financial Report 2019

Financial Report 2018