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Welcome Back to Semester 2 Harbour Cruise

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News | 7 Aug 2023
Ahoy there!
As the mid-year university holidays came to a close, our daring students embarked on a myriad of activities during their six-week hiatus. Some tried their hand at winter school, while others ventured to far-off lands on exchange programs, seeking knowledge and adventure. There were those who wielded stethoscopes in hospitals, tamed unruly farms, and taught young minds in the realms of our primary and secondary schools. And of course that small group who couldn’t resist a European summer!
But let us not forget the brave souls who chose to stay at College, forming bonds that could rival any others. Together, they weathered the break and formed a second family right here in the hallowed halls of St John’s College.
One of the changes post-COVID in University life is the high prevalence of third-year students who go on exchange programs around the world for semester 2. As the tides of change washed upon our shores, a new wave of freshers joined our ranks for Semester 2. Their voyage at our College has just begun, and it’s our duty to extend a hearty welcome and show them the ropes.

To celebrate the return of our seasoned sailors and the arrival of our eager newcomers, we set sail on a grand adventure—a Harbour Cruise around our beautiful shores! Under the warm embrace of the sun, we traversed the sparkling waters of Sydney Harbour, basking in the glory of our great city. Some of our new international students were spoilt in their first week.

So, as the sails of Semester 2 billow with potential, we welcome all hands on deck! Let’s navigate the waves of academia, explore uncharted territories, and make memories to last a lifetime. We all look forward to another semester of excitement, enlightenment, and endless possibilities.



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