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Quadrangle Lunch

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News | 5 Dec 2022
As part of a reinvigoration of the College social calendar, we were excited to host the first October ‘Welcome Back’ lunch in our beautiful quadrangle – one of a number of new initiatives implemented by the new Rector, Dr Mark Schembri.
Designed to be an afternoon of good food, sunshine, drinks and conviviality – the Monday of the October long weekend was long bookmarked as a chance to get tables into the fresh air, and to welcome back students for the second half of semester two, following a busy and draining mid-semester exam period.
Croquet on the grass and a delightful spread of food was enjoyed by all, and it was a healthy reminder of the balance between social and academic rigour that we strive for at College.
Here’s to many more editions of the Welcome Back Lunch!



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