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A Message from Council Chair, Mr John Coorey

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News | 19 Oct 2022
I am delighted and humbled to have been re-elected to my position on Council. It is a great honour and privilege to be able to serve on this Council.  I thank all of the other members of Council for the steadfast support they have given me over the last 3 years whilst I have been Chair of this Council. Could I also congratulate Alex Winter‑Irving on her re-election. Alex has been a tireless worker on the College Council and brings abundant energy and insight to that role. I am delighted that Alex has been re‑elected to that position.

I would like to say one thing about the election process. I note that there were no other nominees for the Council positions. Whilst that may be considered a vote of confidence in the current Council, I can assure the College community that the Council is very keen to see people put their hand up for service on the Council and its sub‑committees. Could I encourage anyone who has an interest in serving on Council, at some stage,  to make that known to either the Rector, the Deputy Chair of Council or myself. The Council is always looking at the question of succession and refreshing with new people with new ideas. To that end, it is very helpful if we can have a pool of people who the Council  knows have an interest in serving and whose strengths and abilities are known to the Council. No one should think that service on the Council is any way a closed shop. Longevity of service is important and gives us continuity and experience but revitalisation of the Council is also very important.

Once again, thank you for the trust you have placed in Alex and myself. We hope to make the College and yourself proud of the achievements of the Council and, more importantly, proud of the College itself.

Kind regards,
John Coorey



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