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Chris Meagher Book Launch

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News | 13 Oct 2022
On Friday 19 August 2022, the College hosted the launch of Chris Meagher’s book, “When Danger Came Smiling: Memoirs of a Matador”.
Chris was interviewed by Andrew Coorey (Fresher 1987), and the launch was attended by alumni, friends and family who enjoyed hearing of Chris’s wonderful time at St John’s College, his travels to Europe and eventual training and experience as a bullfighter in Spain.
Chris was a student at St John’s from 1953-1957 and had an extraordinary experience, enjoying the camaraderie of college life and making lifelong friends. He represented St John’s at sport in athletics, swimming, football, cricket, tennis, rowing, and snooker. The Vice Rector at the time was Father William Cantwell, known as “Foggy,” who Chris remembers as a wonderful man, passionate about St John’s and football. Chris studied Arts/Law and after graduating worked as a Law clerk before venturing overseas.
Chris spent most of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s in Europe, but it was Spain that really caught his imagination and where he would eventually train as a Matador. Learning the art of bullfighting was a challenging and complicated process. Chris really had to overcome the fear of the bull and master the stylistic and traditional ways of fighting which can take years to accomplish.
Whilst in Spain, Chris was visited by Johnsmen and other friends, who enjoyed learning of his understanding of the bullfighting skills and traditions as well as enjoying the cultural offerings of the Spanish regions.
In 1965 Chris returned to Australia where he worked as a lawyer once again and was married to Joan, with whom he had three children.
St John’s is honoured to have such a high achieving and well-travelled alumnus and we were delighted to share Chris’s story with the college community.
For those interested in purchasing the book it is available on eBay.
A video of the launch can be found here.



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