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2021 Matriculation Day

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News | 4 Mar 2021
On Monday 22 February St John’s College was thrilled to welcome commencing students to the St John’s community at our annual Matriculation Day. Thanks to the preparation and hard work of College staff and student leaders, the day went off without a hitch and was a fantastic way to begin a fun and informative Welcome Week for our commencing students.
Our student leaders put in a gargantuan effort in the morning and helped 148 commencing students (and all their belongings) move into the College. Every student and their families had to be temperature checked, signed-in and then their belongings had to be lugged to their respective rooms. Unfortunately, there were no elevators over 160 years ago when the heritage areas of the College were built, so it’s lucky we had so many hands to help. We can’t thank you enough, leaders!
Following move-in, commencing students undertook a few information sessions with the Student Life Team and Student Leaders, which set the expectations for Welcome Week and the rest of the year. Students were engaged and interested, and we really can’t wait to see what these young leaders achieve during their time with us. Once sessions were complete, it was time for our commencing students to don their academic gowns and get ready for their first official event at St John’s College– the Matriculation Ceremony!
Matriculation, coming from the Latin word for a ‘list or register’, has a very literary meaning at St John’s as every student since the inception of the College has signed an official register and been Matriculated into the College. The Matriculation Ceremony included some heart-warming prayers and inspiring readings before the students were officially welcomed through addresses from the Director of Student Life, the House Presidents, the Chair of Council and the Rector.
While we were saddened not to be able to welcome parents at our Matriculation Ceremony, due to the limitations imposed by COVID-19, we feel the livestream aired of the Matriculation ceremony captured the magic of the event. This livestream and other video clips of the day can be found on the St John’s College YouTube page, and the professional photos from the day can be found here.
Watch below for a montage of Matriculation Day at St John’s College.



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