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Distinguished Alumni of St John’s

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News | 24 Jun 2020

The College is delighted to announce that College Council, in partnership with the Association, has commenced a project to honour distinguished alumni of St John’s.

A dedicated page on the College website will feature distinguished John’s alumni and this will also contribute to research for a College history which is being commissioned.

If you are aware of any St John’s alumni who have  excelled in their chosen field of endeavour, we want to hear about it. All you need to do is to fill out the nomination form below or send us an email at and set out in a few brief paragraphs the notable achievements of the subject of your submission.

We are looking for alumni in any and all fields: for example, the professions, Rhodes scholars, the Church,  Australian sporting representatives, University Blues, war service, University medalists, honours recipients, politics. This list is not exhaustive: please feel free to nominate anyone from the College who you think has made an outstanding contribution to their community or the world at large.

The webpage will group distinguished alumni into suitable categories – i.e. medicine, law, engineering, academia etc – and list the names in each with a link to their story. If you have a photograph of your nominee please send that as well.

College looks forward to receiving your contributions to this exciting project.





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