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Amy’s Story

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Student Stories | 18 Apr 2019

Amy Zhang is in her second year at St John’s College. As one of our international students, Amy has adjusted tremendously to College life. She is involved in a variety of activities and was appointed to the position of Head Student Ambassador.

Her friendly face and positive demeanor are an asset to the College community. We sat down with Amy to find out a little bit more about her journey so far.

Where are you from and what school did you attend?

I’m originally from Auckland, New Zealand and graduated from St Cuthbert’s College in 2017. I studied the International Baccalaureate® (IB) program which I believe has set me up well for University and beyond, in particular the CAS component which encouraged me to take on new opportunities outside the classroom.

What are you studying?

I am studying a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance at the University of Sydney.

What made you choose St John’s?

I contacted some alumni from my high school who were at St John’s. After hearing their recommendations and experiences, I decided to apply.

How are you adjusting to life here?

My transition from school to University was relatively smooth – I find that the Australian culture is not too different from our own. Living on campus at St John’s College has helped me to fit in. It took some time in the beginning to settle into this new place, however, now I call St John’s my home away from home.

What do you like best about St John’s?

For me, it is definitely the people; the calibre of students is very high. There is never a boring conversation at the dinner table. Also, the staff are always ready to support us in every possible way.

What sort of things have you got involved with so far?

I was selected as the Head Ambassador last year. I liaise between the staff and Student Ambassador team and we represent the college at school fairs, Open Day, alumni events and college tours. I successfully landed a legal job in my first year after putting myself out there and gaining a fantastic opportunity to gain experience as a paralegal and administrative officer.

What would be your advice for future students?

My University application strategy is to start early and seek support. I began applying for University and accommodation in May of my final year at school. By drawing up a timeline of application dates, I could plan out my application process. Applying to University is very time consuming and so it is important to think ahead. The Careers Department staff are more than happy to help; make the most of the amazing resources you have. When applying, talk to current and past students of the College. It is the best way for you to really get to know what the culture is like and whether it is the right place for you.



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