Committed to learning 

A place to learn

Committed to academic excellence, St John’s College provides a variety of opportunities to learn in both structured and informal environments. With the largest tutorial program of all the University of Sydney colleges and a resident Academic Dean, St John’s College can help you with any difficulties you might face with your studies, communicating with the University, study skills and future career.

Of equal importance are the informal occasions, such as the opportunity to form diverse networks with your peers, to meet leaders from a range of academic fields at one of the College’s many Formal Dinners and to become part of an alumni body that has contributed much to society. You will leave St John’s College with the skills and knowledge needed to serve you for a rewarding and fruitful career.

Caring and supportive 


At St John’s College, we recognise that life can throw unexpected hurdles that can affect your academic and personal life as well as your health. To provide support through any difficulties faced, St John’s College has a range of mechanisms designed to provide 24 hour pastoral care.

Resident senior staff include the Rector and Vice-Rector; the Dean and Resident Assistants and Corridor Representatives. A Psychologist and Chaplain are available for appointments.


Inclusive and engaging

St John’s College students come from all over Australia and overseas so you will meet people with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. Immediately you arrive you are included in an active social life with other St John’s students and those of the other residential colleges. 

Making friends at College is easy with so many opportunities to get involved. You can focus on a favourite sport or have a go at something new. St John’s  is a part of the intercol sport (Rawson Cup and Rosebowl) and cultural (Palladian Cup) competitions including a musical, intercol orchestra, plays and debating. All of this is in addition to the literally hundreds of clubs and societies on offer at the University of Sydney through the Union and Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness.

College fees include: