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St John’s College Bill passes Legislative Council

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News | 8 Mar 2018

The St John’s College Bill passed the Upper House of State Parliament without any further amendment on Wednesday, 7 March 2018.  There are two formal steps which now need to take place before the Act comes into operation.  The first is the grant of the Governor’s Assent, which takes place at a meeting of the Executive Council (at this point the Bill becomes an Act of Parliament).  The second is a Proclamation by the Governor nominating the date for “commencement” of the Act, which takes place at a subsequent meeting of the Executive Council.  These two formal steps will likely take 4 to 6 weeks to be completed after which the Act comes into force.

The Hansard report of the Legislative Council debate on the Bill can be found here.  A summary of the new governance arrangements provided for by the Bill can be found here.



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