A great uni experience
A great uni experience
A great uni experience

Welcome to St John's College

Interested in becoming part of the St John’s College Choir?


St John’s College now has two choirs, the 'St John’s College Choir' and the 'St John’s Singers'. Singers in the St John’s College Choir may be resident members of College or any other persons, in either case meeting the required standard as judged by the director of the choir, Mr Richard Perrignon.  The essential purpose of College Choir is to sing the classical church music repertoire (including plainchant, responses, psalms and motets, traditional and modern) at a suitable number of Masses in the Chapel during Term. The Choir will be accompanied by the College organist, Mr Pastor de Lasala at these masses.

For more information about the St John’s College Choir please contact Mr Richard Perrignon: richard.perrignon@stjames.net.au

The St John’s Singers are principally for residents of the College and if current students are interested in taking part they should contact Mr Damian Griffin on: damiangriffin82@gmail.com

Annual Review

The College is pleased to present the St John’s College 2013 Annual Review, which highlights just some of the achievements of the College in 2013.
The College would like to thank the Community for its support in 2013, for which the College is very grateful.

Please click on the image above to open the Annual Review.

2015 Applications

2015 applications are now open, please click here for more information and to apply. 

Video Competition

The winning entry of our 2013 video competition was produced by first year resident Terry Hou and features music by another first year resident Will Yaxley. Watch it here:



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